ULTRA Deck Cleaner

Professional Painter

Product Details

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Deck Cleaner is a premium quality exterior cleaner. Its deep-penetrating, heavy duty cleaning action rids wood of mildew stains and loosens and lifts dirt to the surface. The easy-to-use formula comes ready-to-use, no mixing required, and works in as little as 5-10 minutes. It is ideal for cleaning all exterior wood surfaces and preparing them for optimal top-coat performance.

Ingredient Disclosure


  • Penetrates Deep Into the Wood and Lifts Dirt to the Surface to be Rinsed Away
  • Removes Dirt & Mildew Stains
  • Ready to Use - No Mixing Required
  • Virtually No Scrubbing Required
  • Great for Wood, Composite Decking and Concrete Surfaces
  • Simply Apply, Let Sit for Five to Ten Minutes, Then Rinse Off

Area Preparation

Spray all plants and vegetation liberally with water before and after application. Cover delicate vegetation to avoid damage. Do not allow cleaner to come into contact with metal, fabric, floor coverings or lawn furniture.

Application Details

Always test a small, hidden area, rinse and let dry before using this product. Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Deck Cleaner should be applied at full strength with a deck care sprayer or a plastic pump-style garden sprayer and hose. Spray the affected area liberally and allow to stand for five to 10 minutes. NO SCRUBBING NECESSARY. Thoroughly rinse treated surface and surrounding areas with water to neutralize cleaning action.


Rinse spray equipment thoroughly with water. Store Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Deck Cleaner in a cool, dry location.

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