2016 Paint Color Trends

Trendy colors and how to make them work in your home.


An energetic theme in which contemporary creativity is at the forefront, the Vibrant trend is youthful and expressive. The combined power of blue and green are refreshing, while intense orange is social, thought-provoking, and enthusiastic.

The Vibrant trend also features our 2016 Color of the Year, Holly Glen.



Designed to counteract the stresses of the modern technological age, the Comforting theme is soothing, quiet, and soft in spirit. Whites and grays used enmass create a neutral mood from which muted blues add calming effects and soft putty browns add subtle warmth.



Down to earth and warm-hearted, the Organic theme blends quality and comfort with elegant styling. Generous red-orange hues and golden brown hues work in harmony to create a lively yet friendly atmosphere for interiors. Great for community areas of the home where conversation is encouraged.