The Book of Blue

A tried-and-true color, blue evokes feelings of freshness and tranquility. Ranging from muted azure to bold sapphire, blue can energize a space as well as promote well-being and decrease stress.

Delicate blues that hold a hint of purple conjure the feeling of clouds and sky – making them great choices for spaces where dreaminess and creative thinking are encouraged. Alternatively, blues with a drop of green undertone are more closely connected to the ocean and the rhythm of life, promoting relaxation.

Where to Use Blues

The natural calming and relaxing effects make blues excellent choices for more private spaces in the home, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

In bright, clean hues, blues are a fresh option for kitchens, although they have often been considered an appetite suppressant.

Learn About Blue

Blue is a favorite amongst Americans for interior and exterior paints. Known for stimulating feelings of tranquility and representing admirable qualities such as loyalty, intelligence, and spirituality, it’s easy to see why its popularity holds.

Expert Tip!

Tonal variations of blue add depth, producing spaces that feel very balanced.

Expert Tip!

Vibrant blues are fantastic options for feature walls as they attract attentionwithout seeming too loud or aggressive.

Exterior Blue

While still calming, as blues darken they become more stable and more readily associated with depth, character, trust, integrity, and honesty. For this reason, they are ideal choices for the exterior facade of a home, where first impressions begin.

Exterior Expert Tip!

Although blues aren’t considered an energetic color, clean and bright blues can certainly make a big statement when used for exterior accents. Reminding us of clear skies, these hues can feel easy and uplifting at the same time.

Exterior Section