The Book of Orange

Mentally stimulating, orange is often described as a color that promotes lively conversation and stimulates appetite. For this reason, lighter, less aggressive shades of apricot and peach are popular choices for dining rooms. As oranges take on deeper shades and more saturated tonalities, they evoke more liberated, confident, and enthusiastic moods – ideal for social rooms. On the other hand, oranges with undertones of pink are warm and loving.

Where To Use Orange

Using in dining rooms and open-concept kitchens to encourage communication and joyful eating. Muted mid-tones in living rooms and bedrooms are warm without feeling as aggressive as red.

Learn About Orange

Often considered a challenging color to use, orange in the home has gone through a fashionable transformation! With so many sophisticated interpretations of this hue, and numerous positive attributes associated with it, orange is a surefire win.

Expert Tip!

Use a big, bright orange as an accent to add visual interest to your room.

Expert Tip!

Even a soft orange can be dramatic. Treat it like a bright and partner it with a lot of neutrals.

Exterior Oranges

Orange looks great paired with colors found in nature, like sand, pebble and gravel tones. These neutrals will ground the orange and reduce its; intensity. An orange home suggests warmth and approachable occupants.

Exterior Expert Tip!

Orange works well on exteriors with mixed elements such as stone and brick. While unexpected, orange can create personality in small doses.

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