The Book of Purple

Purple is associated with many admirable traits and characteristics. Historically, its rarity in nature and subsequent expense to produce limited its availability to anyone beyond nobility.

Today, purple is still synonymous with luxury, wealth, and extravagance – but also mystery and creative arts. In pale tones, blue-based purples are elegant and calming, while red-based purples are romantic. 

Where to Use Purple

In muted mid-tones or pales, purples are soothing and elegant for living rooms and transitional areas. Lighter red-based purples are more feminine and romantic, ideal for bedroom spaces.

Learn About Purple

Purple is a color family that is exceptionally unique and compelling when used to paint interiors and exteriors. Perhaps it is the tranquility it borrows from blue and the sheer energy it receives from red that creates a combination as captivating as it is mysterious.

Expert Tip!

Classic neutrals – black, white, and gray – elevate the sophistication and luxuriousness of purples.

Expert Tip!

Partnering delicate shades of purple with natural light and clean white-tones exudes sophistication.

Exterior Purples

Purple siding is a rare sight, but when executed properly can create a visually stunning facade that can instantly transform the dynamic of your entire property. Fantastic with green, purple can amplify the colors of your landscaping and foliage.

Exterior Expert Tip!

To maximize the longevity of your purple exterior, choose a hue that contains a hefty amount of gray. This will give your home a more timeless appeal, while retaining the qualities you admire in the color purple.

Exterior Section