The Book of Red

No matter where or how it is used, red makes a dramatic impact. A visually intense color, it’s recognized as representing power, passion, energy, and courage.

In softer tones, red becomes pink and is associated with the heart and love, bringing romance or feminine charm to a bedroom or bathroom. Deeper, wine shades of red signal sophistication, worldliness, drama, and vigor, which is ideal for rooms in which deep thought or lively conversation takes place.

Where to Use Red

The more vibrant or intense a red is, the better suited it is to social areas of the home – where lively chatter is encouraged.

Darker, burgundy shades are elegant in studies, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Learn About Red

The dominant extrovert on the color wheel, red draws attention faster than any other color in the spectrum.< /p>

With such booming presence, it’s understandable that many people can find the hue intimidating to work with. However, when used in the right way, red can instantly take a space from good to gorgeous.

Expert Tip!

Unite bright shades with feature walls, pair up with neutral grays, or sand hues for balance.

Exterior Red

There’s no question that red is considered a classic color for home exteriors, but one thing they are never considered is dull. Red siding or brick has the power to bring a home to life, boasting high energy, heart, and liveliness.

Exterior Expert Tip!

If you’ve ever wondered why red doors look so inviting on homes, it’s because they are! In early America, red doors were a signal to travelers the house was friendly to guests. Today, painting a front door red is considered a sign of welcome!

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