The Book of Yellow

As the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow captures the exuberance of the sun, and communicates joy and can create the most agreeable and comfortable spaces to live in.

As yellows deepen and move closer to brown, they take on more earthy sensibilities and evoke a happy charm that can feel quite stable and grounded. Vibrant citrus or spice hues, on the other hand, are more active and produce feelings of spontaneity, creativity, and moving energy.

Where to Use Yellow

Considered exotic, exciting, and worldly, spicy shades of rich yellow are perfect for social rooms like dining rooms or living rooms.

Muted mid-tones in living rooms and bedrooms are warm without feeling as dynamic as an orange.

Learn About Yellow

Yellow is the color of sunny days, happiness, optimism, and spontaneity. Used in home design, yellow is easy and unassuming, yet has the power to uplift moods, promote good social energy, and encourage playfulness.

Expert Tip!

Use paint chips to determine the colors of your existing furniture. This will make finding the ideal shade for your walls much simpler.

Expert Tip!

A golden yellow pops by accenting it with complementary colors like a big red and bright white.

Exterior Yellow

When yellow is the dominant color for the exterior of your home, it helps promote enthusiasm and optimism. As a great companion to accents of green, brown, black, or gray, yellows keep spirits upbeat.

Exterior Expert Tip!

Yellows that lean more towards red than green look outstanding in almost any classic color palette for exteriors. Warm, inviting, happy, and lively yellows with a touch of red undertone evoke a generous and vibrant mood.

Exterior Section