How To Choose A Paint Color For A Bedroom

Bedrooms are the unsung heroes of any home. They act as personal sanctuaries when peace and quiet is needed, and fashion runways when dressing for special occasions. 

Above all, bedrooms are personal. The colors used here, more so than any other space, should deeply resonate with your true personality.


The Subtle Bedroom

Purples are powerful, passionate, and expressive - ideal for the personality that is high-spirited and outgoing. 

As purples can sometimes be considered agitating, opt for more natural shades and pair with neutral shades and pair with neutral accents of gray and complementary colors to temper some of the energy.

Subtle Bedroom

The Pretty Bedroom

Like a warm hug, the tender energy of pink creates a soft and encouraging space to rest and reflect. Neutral accents offer grounding to prevent is from being too feminine, while crisp white dilutes intensity.

Mature shades of pink offer more versatility than true pinks, and for an untraditional pink, choose one with more red.

Pretty Bedroom

The Refined Bedroom

Sharp, rich colors are comforting, especially for those who lead hectic, fast-paced lives. Use the night sky as inspiration for your refined bedroom. 

A balance of light-to-dark of one color can help filter out excess visual noise and set a refined tone at the same time. Pair rich browns with blue tones for elegance that is effortless.

Refined Bedroom

The Comfy Bedroom

Creating an environment that encourages comfort and relaxation tops the list of interests most consumers have when they look to paint a bedroom. 

A subtle neutral communicates warmth and reflection. Combine it with a reassuring caramel and pops of pink to create a positive vibe.

Comfy Bedroom

The Restful Bedroom

When used in the bedroom, soft and moody blues are powerful and, at the same time, subtle facilitators. Promoting tranquility, ease, calm, and well-being, these shades assist the body with rest. 

Harmonizing muted or mid-tone blues with accents of dark, mercurial blue mimic the cosmos and midnight hues. Match with pure or off white to encourage brightness.

Restful Bedroom