How To Choose A Paint Color For A Dining Room

A dining room is so much more than a place to eat. It’s a room in which togetherness, conversation, laughter, and connections blossom.

The palette below highlights the hues, tints, and shades that promote attention, conversation, openess and optimism - all helpful in setting the ideal tone.

The Gracious Dining Room

Ask parents what they most want from a family dinner and they will likely say “harmony.” To help achieve an agreeable mood, a color harmony can make all the difference. 

Subtle grays are quieting and create a sophisticated backdrop elevating the conversation. They also showcase color well, so add your favorite hue in the decor to spark interest and dialogue.

Gracious Dining Room

Earthy Dining Room

Sand-colored hues are some of the most versatile on the color wheel, as they have the ability to complement a wide variety of shades and harmonies. Consider them an anchor for many palettes.

Hearty and rustic burnt oranges can change the energy of a space to feel warm, earthy, and nurturing. The addition of clean white promotes openness and lightness of mind.
Earthy Dining Room

The Sophisticated Dining Room

Elegance and sophistication are always in demand, especially when it comes to the dining room - a space celebrated for abundant dinner parties and special guests.

Deep shades of purple help set the tone, a color so rarely found in nature, it became synonymous with opulence, uniqueness, and mystery. Off-white accents and neutral hues keep the harmony classic and timeless.
Sophisticated Dining Room

The Friendly Dining Room

When it comes to color harmonies, nothing says friendly, and open, like combinations of natural hues - which most people automatically associate with the great outdoors.

Put a twist on classic design and color selection by pairing a delicate green with a rich golden yellow. This combination is warm and welcoming.

Friendly Dining Room

The Stately Dining Room

The new trend in modern decor is to mix minimal styling with a friendly spirit. This is often achieved by pairing a sophisticated palette and classic style.

A rich gray paired with a stately soft blue and crisp white make a fashion forward statement to your guests.

Stately Dining Room