Kitchen Colors - Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Kitchen!

As the focal point for almost all homes and the most-used space, the look and feel of a kitchen can set the tone for an entire house.

This kitchen paint color palette is comprised of both classic kitchen paint color hues that work well in almost all sources of light and emerging,trending colors that create a sense of newness. 


The Fresh Kitchen

While plenty of colors and combinations go a long way to making a room feel fresh, none work quite as beautifully as aqua.

Aqua has the ability to be invigorating and enlivening. Yet depending on the intensity of the chosen hue, it can remain soft and calming. Tone-on-tone combinations or paired with a cool gray, aqua looks fresh against clean white.

Fresh Kitchen

The Classic Kitchen

There is no better color than red, for those wanting the kitchen to be the heart of their home. 

A brown red is especially nice with wood floors and paired with a warm neutral and white for a classic look.
Classic Kitchen

The Refined Kitchen

In contemporary spaces, whites and grays pair up to create a sense of effortless refinement.

To warm up a gray and white color scheme add visual interest, by pulling in an unexpected color like a deep, eggplant purple. Purples are rooted in royalty and look beautiful with stainless steal appliances.

Refined Kitchen

The Country Kitchen

An ever popular style that is well-loved by many, from the chic east coast to the casual west, the country kitchen is as charming as it is classic.

Off-whites are used generously, while bold, intense hues of reds are fantastic accent choices, conjuring images of bright barns in rolling rural pastures. Finish with shots of muted greens for a natural touch.


Country Kitchen

The Urban Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, contemporary looks are trending towards friendly and low-key styling. This can easily be achieved with streamlined silhouettes and a soft, nature-inspired palette.

Pairing a true green and a neutral with green undertones creates a look that is calming and lightly optimistic. Don’t forget the existing and neutralelements to includein your over all color palette.


Urban Kitchen