How To Choose A Paint Color For An Entryway

Entryways are the first impression of a home. In a subtle way, through color, material, and style choice, the energy and personality of the inhabitants emerges to welcome friends, family and guests.

Within this paint color palette lies a group of color harmonies designed to convey the things most desirable in a home: warmth, welcoming, friendliness, charm, and sophistication.

The Classic Entryway

Reds have a long history of being a welcoming color on a front door. When creating a welcoming entryway, it’s often favorable to select harmonies of classic neutrals. These hues can literally create “neutral territory” while the front door greets your guests.

Gray works well as a base hue, with deep onyx and rich, earthy red as an accent.

Classic Entryway

The Natural Entryway

The more hues a space borrows from the surrounding natural landscape, the more “down-to-earth” the inhabitants will seem to guests.

Foliage greens in mid-to-dark tonalities are great complements to creamy yellows and crisp whites.

Natural Entryway

The Comforting Entryway

If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, consider the floor color and choose a palette like this gray and off-white with a dark door for a comforting entryway.

Coordinate your porch furniture and decor with your paint colors for a complete look.

Comforting Entry

The Calm Entryway

A stand-out blue makes a statement. Balanced by a gray and soft white, these colors create a neutral backdrop to provide an exciting but not overwhelming entry space.

Let color express your personality with an unexpected hue.

Calm Entryway

The Cozy Entryway

When designing an entryway that communicates warmth and coziness, rich caramel browns are your go-to colors.

Selecting a brown with orange undertones is grounding and earthy yet conveys a sense of good-natured charm.

Cozy Entryway