• Conceals Hairline Cracks
  • Barefoot Friendly & Slip Resistant
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  • Fills Cracks up to 1/4"
  • Locks Down Splinters
  • Barefoot Friendly & Slip Resistant
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Revitalize Resurfacer & Sealant in one

  • Waterproofing Protection
  • Provides a Dual-Action Mildew Resistant Coating
  • For Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
  • Tintable to Over 135 Colors
  • Color Matching Available

Prep is Key to Great Results

Scrape to remove peeling paint or stain.

Clean with Pittsburgh Paints and Stains Ultra Deck Cleaner.

Pressure wash and sand to remove loose wood fibers.

Fill cracks and depressions deeper than 1/4" (When using Revitalize Heavy-Moderate. Revitalize Light is for hairline cracks only.)

Easy to Apply

Cut in and apply first coar with 1/2" naproller or high-quality brush.

Apply second coat. Two coats are required.