The Book of Aqua

With its close proximity to green, aqua is often considered refreshing – a characteristic borrowed from green’s association with foliage and Mother Nature.

Pale and pastel shades of aqua communicate such refreshed energy in a mild and gentle delivery, creating a nurturing and encouraging feeling. For this reason, aqua hues are ideal for children’s rooms, family rooms, and bathrooms designed with a spa-like theme.

Where to Use Aqua

Aqua’s closeness to blue makes it soothing and restful, ideal for rooms used for sleep or relaxation.

Balancing both blue and green, aqua is the only hue that can promote energy and induce calm – ideal for offices and bedrooms.

Learn About Aqua

Aqua is an interesting group of hues. Neither primary or secondary on the color wheel, it straddles the line between the vibration of blue and green. As such, it borrows qualities from both sides  the fresh and rejuvenating spirit of greens and the calming and serene sense of blue.

Expert Tip!

Accents of crisp white increase the restorative and calming powers of aqua.

Expert Tip!

Muted, mid-tone aquas are useful in spaces that have a restful, calming energy.

Exterior Aqua

Aqua has a wide range – from icy mint hues to twilight teal shades. The brightest and cleanest of these can be extremely energizing and create a sense of freshness, making them excellent choices for coastal communities and seaside escapes.

Exterior Tip!

In more classic settings, bright aquas make for fantastic front doors. Bold aqua tones can communicate worldly sophistication and free thinking. To add impact and keep timelessness, paint the door frame a soft white.

Exterior Section