The Book of Brown

Just as it is with the color green, much of our symbolic association with brown comes from its presence in nature. The color of tree roots, soils, muds, and sands, browns allow us to feel rooted, stable, practical, and responsible. They can also be viewed as approachable, genuine, and safe – all traits that make these hues great choices for those who want to encourage a home environment where individuals feel comfortable to be themselves.

Soft browns bring warmth to community spaces like kitchens and family rooms. As browns deepen, they are inviting and evoke a modern elegance especially when paired with neutral accents.

Where to Use Browns

Lighter and brighter browns are reassuring and friendly in living rooms but are also welcome practically everywhere in the home.

Mid-tone and darkened shades of brown are mature and sophisticated in dining rooms, studies, and master bedrooms.

Learn About Browns

The personality of brown is grounded and stable, just as the common phrase “down to earth” is often used to describe a person whose personality is easy-going and modest. But brown can also surprise you, and in the right shade and harmony can just as easily express elegance, quality, and strength.

Expert Tip!

Pair lighter colors on walls and trim with dark furniture for effortless elegance

Expert Tip!

With a midtone brown as your dominant color, lighter, and darker variations of the same hue are elegant.

Exterior Browns

A harmony of browns used on the exterior of a home communicate a place of kindness, modesty, support, and sensible thinking. Off-whites add brightness and open thinking, while promoting peacefulness.

Exterior Expert Tip!

Always look at the last stripe of color on the color chips to see if the beige is rooted in green or true brown.

Exterior Section