The Book of Green

With few limitations, green makes for a great housemate. While known as a “cool” color, it promotes emotional positivity - supported by the calmness of blue and the optimism of yellow. Green is considered a restorative and rejuvenating color inspired by nature.

In modern settings, green adds warmth which tempers the sometimes chilly style of contemporary designs. In more classically-styled interiors, greens can minimize stuffiness.

Where to Use Green

With their harmonies and easy-going nature, greens can be used in almost any room in the home. 

Light to mid-tone hues are suitable primary colors for everything from playrooms to sunrooms, while darker hues work well as secondary or accent colors.

Learn About Green

Green is synonymous with life, nature, and renewal. For interior or exterior home palettes, muted variations of green found in healthy foliage and abundant vegetation tend to be the most preferred among homeowners. Green reduces tension, encourages growth, and promotes harmony.

Expert Tip!

A favorite piece of artwork is great inspiration for finding your room's palette.

Expert Tip!

Where natural light is very prevalent in one area of a room, avoid painting with dark colors as they may create dramatic shadows.

Exterior Green

Green is among the most-loved color choices for home exteriors, providing an ample sense of connection to the great outdoors, the surrounding landscapes, and Mother Earth. Natural greens are dominant in this category.

Exterior Expert Tip!

Green-on-green harmonies are great choices for exteriors. Be sure to pick hues at least two shades apart on a color card, whether light to mid-tone or mid-tone to dark. This will create a depth and dimension similar to surrounding vegetation.

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