The Book of White

In home interiors, white is often chosen as the dominant shade in a color palette because of the versatility and flexibility it offers to changing the secondary and accent hues.

In its purest form, white is symbolic of peace, innocence, clean slates, and goodness. Off-whites are similarly versatile, but with a depth that can be cool or warm or neutral, depending on the undertone of hue added.

Where to Use White

Cleaner whites support peaceful and light interaction which make them ideal for areas where a family tends to congregate, such as a kitchen.

Whites with a yellow undertone are more restful, promoting relaxation in private spaces like bedrooms.

Learn About White

White is the backbone of many home palettes, and is as varied and powerful in communicating moods and character as any color in the spectrum. From the cleanest and purest white to the creamiest and warmest off-white, the one you choose will support the entire design ambiance of your home.

Expert Tip!

Rarely possible with other hues, a tri-color palette made of off-whites and very light neutrals can instantly unify a whole room.

Expert Tip!

Where high ceilings or large windows are prevalent, brighter whites are best suited.

Exterior White

Nothing says timeless and sophisticated like a home exterior painted white. White is as great for classic home styles as for modern ones, and the range in between. Whites look beautiful on everything from brick to stucco to weatherboard.

Exterior Expert Tip!

When working with two whites, apply the darker one as the dominant, primary color in your harmony. Reserve thebrighter one for accents, such as windows and trims. This will add visual depth to the overall look.

Exterior Section