MULTI-PURPOSE Primer + Sealer


3.78L -- /01, 18.9L -- /05

Professional Painter

Product Details

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains PVA Drywall Primer + Sealer protects and seals drywall, plaster and other porous surfaces. It has good enamel hold out that promotes uniform finish of the top coat. PVA Drywall Primer + Sealer has excellent adhesion and hide and easily sands for a smooth, paintable surface. And it dries in an hour and is tintable. Pittsburgh Paints & Stains PVA Drywall Primer + Sealer is an excellent product backed by a lifetime results guarantee.


  • Covers Extreme Stains & Difficult Surfaces
  • Excellent Adhesion & Sealing
  • Great Hiding for Drastic Color Change
  • Outstanding Enamel Hold Out to Promote Uniform Finish of Top Coat
  • Dries In An Hour
  • Provides a Mold & Mildew Resistant Coating
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30-2000 3.78L -- /01, 18.9L -- /05