Bathroom Colors - Choosing The Right Bathroom Paint Colors

Today more than ever, bathrooms are morphing into spaces for personal pampering and rejuvenation. As such, the time spent in these areas is steadily growing, an interval that is dedicated to restoring wellness and harmony within the body. Choosing the right bathroom colors is more important than ever.

Color is deeply linked to mood - so much so that picking the right harmony can make all the difference. This range is created to amplify restorative and balanced energies, no matter what your style or preference. 

The Fresh Bathroom

Paint Colors, like words, have the power to evoke certain thoughts. When thinking of words such as mint or spearmint, the next word that comes to mind is often "fresh."

It is equally true when we see the color – mint used in the home can quickly conjure a sense of refreshing lightness and breezy freedom, making it an ideal choice as a bathroom paint color.

Fresh Bathroom

The Sunny Bathroom

Like getting up on the right side of the bed, yellow for bathrooms has the power to naturally uplift moods and increase energy.

A generous accent of white or off-white for molding and trim adds freshness, while touches of mid-tone blue bring an element of calm.

Sunny Bathroom

The Sophisticated Bathroom

Pinks in the bathroom evoke a lively yet lighthearted spirit, while encouraging peacefulness.

To prevent an overly feminine tone, pair pink with a soft and clean grey white. A rich tile or marble will add to the upscale feel.

Sophisticated Bathroom

The Casual Bathroom

Colors found in nature such as green and brown remind us of basic earth and soil, materials that are timeless, stable, and unchanging. As such, we associate these colors with qualities of trustworthiness, humility, and quiet strength. 

These natural paint colors pair well together. If you have dark furniture, keep the look light with off-white paint colors and gentle green paint colors. Note that without the right accents, browns can seem somber and lack excitement on walls.

Casual Bathroom

The Serene Bathroom

Just like soaking in a tub, the right colors can create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Paired with warm whites and creamy neutrals, aqua creates a peaceful and calming environment.

Serene Bathroom