How To Choose A Paint Color For A Kids Room

If ever there is a time and place to really step outside your comfort zone and experiment with color, it’s with kids’ rooms.

This palette plays with a wide variety of hues and shades to create some of the most expressive harmonies - and also, some of the sweetest.

The Lively Play Room

Children have unparalleled energy, explorative imaginations, and brilliant insights. Their environment can go a long way to help nurture their growing minds and bodies.

Pair a clean, upbeat yellow with a soft blue and creamy white to encourage out-of-the-box, creative thinking.

Lively Play Room

The Charming Baby's Room

For babies rooms, the natural tendency is a design scheme that is gentle on the eyes and soothing to the spirit.

A timeless and popular option is a passive combination of a soft, almond hue and gentle white. Accents of rich, molasses brown add the contrast developing eyes need.

Charming Baby's Room

The Lovely Kids' Room

When a child’s personality is overflowing with love and emotion, selecting colors and harmonies that reflect their feelings is all about pretty, delicate purples.

A soft violet hue is perfect for children who lead with their hearts. Match with a lighter, pastel version of the same color and a grayed-off white to keep the look soft and playful.

Lovely Kids' Room

The Delightful Kids' Room

For small children, their bedroom can become one of their first experiences with independence and personal space. A supportive palette can help.

Pretty, gentle shades of ivory, pale green, and tender pink work together to create openness, lower anxiety, and promote feelings of being nurtured and loved.

Delightful Kids' Room

The Mature Teenager's Room

As kids progress into their teens, their attitudes and preferences change. One of the first outlets they use to express themselves is color.

With a dark molasses brown as a supportive background, select a mature tone like a rich blue to make a statement about growing responsibility and interests.

Mature Teenager's Room