How To Choose A Paint Color For A Living Room

Living rooms are the social areas of the home and hold the greatest opportunity to communicate your personality and design style. Unlike kitchens, where most furnishings are fixed, this space offers movement and flexibility.

For this reason, color palettes chosen for living rooms are often more varied and dynamic than elsewhere in the home. A chance to let your creativity shine!

The Serene Living Room

To create a comforting and serene living room, try a contemporary craftsman style mixed with colors found in nature.

This look of ease and charm is enhanced with green-based browns, and a warm caramel, creating a sense of natural comfort and serenity.

Serene Living Room

The Elegant Living Room

Aquas are often associated with free-spirited coastal styling, but the right harmony can transition this hue from the beach to the mainstreet.

Deeper, more saturated aquas look elegant in spaces with contemporary decor, especially when combined with classic shades of off-white, sand, and black.

Elegant Living Room

The Warm Living Room

Living rooms are a place to do things you enjoy, whether it’s to simply curl up with a great book, catch your favorite television show, or socialize with friends.

Rich, spiced yellows help support a friendly, welcoming, and warm hearted atmosphere. Add accents of paler yellows and off-white to keep the look charming, and ideal for a classic or traditional style home.

Warm Living Room

The Organized Living Room

For functional living rooms, organization is key. Blue-gray walls paired with clean lines drive uncluttered style.

Combine gray with dark blue, a color that naturally discourages chaos, for a more masculine look. Off-white keeps the look from feeling overly dark and somber.

Organized Living Room

The Cozy Living Room

When looking to create a certain tone within a given space, take note of the energy associated with each color in a harmony - as they will blend together to achieve the mood.

Creamy off-whites are open and welcoming, soft greens evoke a natural quality, and rich reds are robust and heart-warming — combining these hues produces a cozy, relaxed, and inviting energy. masculine look. Off-white keeps the look from feeling overly dark and somber.

Cozy Living Room