How To Choose An Exterior Paint Color For Your Home

The colors chosen for home exteriors are often the least experimental - for good reason. Studies show that houses with natural or neutral exterior palettes not only complement the surrounding natural landscapes, they also sell better.

Our exterior palette features neutrals and naturals in dark, mid-tone, and light hues. Select one of each for a winning combination.

The Grand Exterior

Sometimes nothing says grandeur as much as simplicity. Classic exteriors look unbelievably elegant in effortless, neutral palettes.

Grays and neutrals that offer the slightest hint of color are timeless and suggest there’s more to this home than meets the eye.

Grand Exterior

The Logical Exterior

Logical minds love order, clear lines, and easy differentiation between areas. Similarly, they love structure and reliability - two things evoked from the color brown.

For a color scheme that reads sensible and grounded, opt for a set of browns in varying degrees of intensity: light, mid-tone, and dark.

Logical Exterior

The Soothing Exterior

There’s something so refreshing yet relaxing about tone-on-tone whites used in harmony with one another. The overall effect is quiet soothing.

With a soft gray as the base, add a grayed-white for trim. Finish the look with occasional accents, like a front door, in saturated dark brown.

Soothing Exterior

The Spiritual Exterior

Green is the color associated with the Heart Chakra - which is said to be the one that connects our physical and spiritual worlds together.

For exteriors, soft olive green is a tranquil complement to homes surrounded by a natural landscape. Warm neutral accents add depth to the total look.


Spiritual Exterior

The Warm Exterior

Notice-me reds most certainly express warmth, but they also convey liveliness, gregariousness, and bold personality.

Black and off-white accents add the right amount of easy neutrality to keep classic, dramatic reds in balance.

Warm Exterior