How to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger With Paint

Having a small bedroom does not mean it has to feel cramped. By simply choosing the right colors of paint, it’s possible to open a room up and create the illusion of more space. Instead of knocking down walls to expand a room, you can paint them. Here are some paint color tips to make your small room feel bigger.

Debonaire and Spring Lilac

Once associated with bathrooms and nurseries, violet is increasing in popularity as a very good choice in wall coloring for adult sleeping quarters. Violet tones bring out a sense of luxury and even a hint of drama. This color can be paired with dark or wicker accents to bring a farmhouse feel to your room. Debonaire adds a more passive flair, sometimes resembling light blue, while in other light it presents as a truer violet. Alternatively, Spring Lilac takes the scene in a different direction by adding a deeper and luxurious tone without resorting to anything too dark.

Debonaire Spring Lilac

Fossil Stone and Lime Wash

And not to be overlooked, the more neutral tones associated with gray or off-white provide a time-lasting appeal of their own. In particular, Fossil Stone accomplishes this by giving the surrounding walls a misty yet solid appearance, similar to something found in a classic European entryway. And with its slight hint of green, Lime Wash brightens a room's visual introduction by adding another sense of nature that provides the feeling of sunlit life.

Fossil Stone Lime Wash

Mountain Mint and French Market

The right greens can bring a cozy energy to a small space, due to their association with nature. Greens like Mountain Mint have the ability to bring air into a small room, making it feel connected with the outdoors. French Market offers lighter foundations and a flatter finish. This clover green paired with black or white accents can create the contrast you need while keeping your room looking larger and serene. 

Mountain Mint French Market

When modifying your living space to make a small bedroom bigger, the right choice in quality paint product and color is as vital as furniture selection, window covering, or flooring. Variations of light green, violet, and off-white provide a whole new purpose to expanding your dwelling in a short time.