Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Paint Colors

Recent design trends have proven that antique fixtures and whimsical design elements can bring together classic, yet modern looks. No matter your taste, the farmhouse trend is as popular now as it was in its origin. With the right paint color scheme in mind, it's easy to make it your own.

Autumn Ridge and Greyhound

Old fashioned items easily blend with modern farmhouse ideas when pairing deep, striking reds with more utilitarian slate grays. A favorite for its mix of classic and bright, Autumn Ridge is a cozy yet vibrant hue that melds with no-fuss Greyhound. Because neither color is a show-stopping, bright shade, they let your appliances and fixtures take center stage by complimenting any bright white, silver, or neutrals designed and implemented as a part of your kitchen. These farmhouse kitchen colors showcase classic red with a modern, gray twist.

Autumn Ridge Greyhound

Woodbridge and Mint Leaves

Today’s modern farmhouse kitchen can be designed in a variety of ways to please any designer. From simplistic minimalist, to earthy-toned cozy, these natural hues reflect those centuries-old farmhouses and antique materials. Today’s stylish, yet modern, options are ideal when seeking a calm, warm vibe. Light, woody browns, like Woodbridge with brownish, green-hued accents like Mint Leaves pair well to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, while still looking updated.

Woodbridge and Mint Leaves

Fall Chill and Grand Distinction White

Taking on a contemporary feel, Fall Chill is the new, modern alternative to old-fashioned sandy colors. Fall Chill, like other greige (a blend of gray and beige) blends, is a neutral color choice ideal for homeowners who don’t want colorful pieces and fixtures to clash with the overall scheme, or who are wanting to achieve a minimalist look. It pairs seamlessly with Grand Distinction White, a bright, slightly grayed white that sets the tone for a clean space. A Pinterest search will show many rustic-styled kitchens that pair cabinets and trim painted in shades of white with greige walls that go beyond the everyday farmhouse kitchen colors schemes.

Fall Chill Grand Distinction White

Brigade and Linen Ruffle

Not just an indicator of the New England style, today’s farmhouse kitchens can just as easily be styled in gray-blue hues, like Brigade. To differentiate from the classic Cape Cod look, Brigade complements the subdued, yet bright, ivory of Linen Ruffle. The muted tones keep clashing to a minimum and let appliances, like stainless-steel and black, shine as more than just background fixtures. These cool tones are some of the most versatile choices for paint colors because they pair so well with a number of accessory colors.

Brigade Linen Ruffle

Whether choosing woody-brown fixtures, warm green accents, or eye-catching burgundy pieces, these colors reflect the new age of versatile, yet striking, palettes of a modern farmhouse kitchen. While it’s easy and fun to pick out vintage, flea-market finds and coordinating elements in catalogs, color palettes are a different story. It’s true that you can’t go wrong when choosing paint colors that you truly love, but it’s helpful to know a few schemes that embody the "Farmhouse" aesthetic when designing your own kitchen.