Turn Your Tiny Bathroom Into An Oasis

Tiny bathrooms can be hard to navigate as you rush through your daily chores, and can be uninspiring if painted in a bland outdated color. Here are small bathroom ideas to maximize the potential of your space while also giving it a modern touch.

Dark colored floors can at times accentuate feelings of claustrophobia, particularly in a small, enclosed bathroom. If you replace your bathroom floors with a brighter or lighter color, your bathroom space will open up. A bright white floor is an essential classic that highlights the crisp cleanliness of your bathroom floor as it reflects light, making your room seem more expansive.

Floor Fundamentals

No matter how cramped your bathroom may seem, you can definitely find ways to work with your confined surroundings to give the illusion of space. A great small bathroom idea is to remove your shower curtains and install glass shower panels or doors. This will instantly amplify the openness of your bathroom. If you are uncomfortable with the lack of privacy of the glass panels, you can substitute them for tinted or frosted panels that will still effectively filter light through while you comfortably shower.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, perhaps opt for a sleek shower stall in lieu of a tub. They are not only time-saving, but also take up less space as compared to tubs. Pair a cool white or a very light blue with a glass shower for a truly expansive appearance.

Gorgeous Glass
Your bathroom is most likely the first room you will head to when you wake up in the morning. Adding a bright color to your bathroom can add energy, and help you start your day off right. Even if your bathroom has no sources of natural light, choose a color for your small bathroom that spruces up the space with personality. You’ll be amazed at the difference a splash of color for your small bathroom makes. For instance, you can paint your walls a light summery yellow that will certainly radiate anyone’s day. Or perhaps a light grey to emulate a sense of sophistication. Whatever you choose remember: when it comes to adding space, the lighter, the better.

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